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Are you tired of not being able to feel the warmth of your fireplace?
What if you could dramatically improve the way you heat your house while using less wood?

For a long time there has been a massive gap in the fireplaces available in Australia compared to the fireplaces made in Europe that we have now closed.

European Fireplaces are different in design and have been engineered for maximum efficiency using Radiant Heat instead of Convection Heating.

Common Fireplaces in Australia use Convection Heating which is a process of warming the air in a room. This method is inefficient as it takes longer to heat the space also requiring more wood to be burned.

Our European Fireplace range use Radiant Heat. This is the process of warming objects and surfaces without having to heat the surrounding air. Once the objects warm up they radiate that stored heat back into the room.


Our customers who feel the difference

Simon & Lesley Haugh
Simon & Lesley Haugh
Mansfield VIC
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Just sitting here enjoying the warmth from our new heater, so thought I should let you know how happy and impressed we are with our new La Nordica Issoto Evo wood heater. I was very sceptical about purchasing a heater without a fan, as that is all we’ve ever had. I always figured that if a heater that was blowing hot air couldn’t properly heat the room, what hope would we have with a heater without a fan.

How wrong I was. Our new La Nordica heater heats our large lounge/living area beautifully (so much better than our old ‘fan forced’ heater) and can easily maintain very pleasant room temperatures of around 20 degrees even when the weather is at its coldest.

The house we are living in is an old 1880’s timber weatherboard home with 12 foot ceilings, that was moved up from Melbourne (not by us) and is anything but energy efficient.

Our old heater, even with the fan turned right up and stoked up with wood, was unable to satisfactorily heat the house during the very cold days and nights. Our new La Nordica heater seems to have no trouble at all, and even heats the adjoining kitchen area to similar temperatures, which again was something that our old heater was unable to do.

Another unexpected bonus is that when we get up in the morning, even though the fire has all but gone out, the rooms (and the wood heater) are still warm…not quite to the level that they were when we went to bed, but far warmer than they ever were with our old heater.

We were also concerned about the fire burning out during the night, but we’ve found that it will burn for about 8 hours, if we get the wood stacked up correctly, and it is VERY easy to get going in the morning, …and almost immediately that it starts burning, you can feel it heating.

And one last HUGE plus…the glass never seems to get dirty, so you’ve got that beautiful glow of the fire that you can actually see!! …Got to be happy with that!

So once again I’d just like to reiterate…very impressed and very happy, and would thoroughly recommend this heater to anybody.

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