The Liù Marlena is a contemporary style wood burning stove included in the new range of Evolution line products by La Nordica. This model is manufactured from enamelled cast iron with a curved cast iron door. An enamelled majolica fascia is also incorprated with a choice of Burgundy or White finishes to provide an extra level of style. The Liù Marlena has a nominal power output of 6.0kW and meets the latest “benchmark” German certification standards as well as Australian standards. External air can also be connected to the appliance to allow constant fresh air to fuel the combustion chamber.



Nominal Power Output


Heatable Area


Hourly Consumption

Hand made Majolica Tile Fascia

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Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handle

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Large Curved Glass Viewing Window and Curved Cast Iron Door

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Firebox lined with Nordiker Tiles

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Cast Iron Construction

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Adjustable Primary and Secondary Air

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  • Nominal Output: 6.0kW
  • Average Peak Output: 7.8kW
  • Cast iron construction
  • Curved cast iron door
  • Enamelled Majolica Fascia
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Removable ash drawer
  • Adjustable Primary and Secondary Air
  • Particle emissions: 1.1g/kg
  • Australian Efficiency: 62% (AS/NZS4012/4013)
  • European Efficiency: 86.5%*
  • Wood consumption: 1.6kg/hr @ medium burn rate


Air intake system that takes combustion fresh air from the outside leading it directly into the appliance.


A System to preheated air which removes any deposits from forming on the hearth door glass.


The combustion system developed by La Nordica allows, due to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post combustion which significantly reduces emissions.


La Nordica-Extraflame appliances doors are manufactured in high quality cast iron.


La Nordica uses a special patented highly resistant material allowing very high combustion temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Overall Dimensions
Width – 537mm
Height – 1127mm
Depth – 491mm
Weight – 170kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 270mm
Height – 375mm

Firebox Internal Dimensions
Width – 295mm
Height – 420mm
Depth – 310mm

Flue Diameter

Centre of Flue to Rear of Fire

Flue Options
Top Only

Combustible Rear Wall
Side Clearance – 475mm
Rear Clearance – 200mm

Front Hearth – 300mm
Min. Hearth Width – 670mm

Combustible Corner Wall
Corner Clearance – 300mm

With the use of a heat shield in accordance to AS/NZS 2918:2014 you can reduce rear clearances to 150mm for rear wall and 200mm for corner wall. Contact your retailer or Kaminus directly for more details.

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 6.0kW
Average Peak Output – 7.8kW

Australian Efficiency

European Efficiency

Handmade Majolica Tiles, Steel Body, Glass Door

Burgundy or Infinity White

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