Introducing the Mt Blanc Rebellion fireplace range, where bold design meets revolutionary style. Embrace the spirit of innovation with our freestanding, modern industrial hearths, designed to elevate any space to new heights of luxury and sophistication. Join the rebellion against the ordinary, and make a statement with Mt Blanc.


Nominal Power Output


Average Efficiency EU


Hourly Consumption

Mt Blanc Rebellion 970 white background 1

Painted Steel Structure

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Vertical Opening Large Glass Viewing Window

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Firebox lined with Vermiculite Tiles

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Adjustable Primary and Secondary Air

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  • Deep focus for aesthetic burning
  • Primary and Secondary Air / Three-Stage Combustion
  • Hygienically safe ecological varnish
  • Possibility of air supply for combustion
    from external environment
  • Height-adjustable position by means of set screws
  • High glass purity when burning
  • Preparation for automatic combustion control
  • All-sand construction of the fireplace insert
    before surface treatment
  • Automatic combustion control possible

Overall Dimensions
Width – 970mm
Height – 1320-1550mm
Depth – 535mm
Weight – 185-330kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 860mm
Height – 480mm

Flue Diameter
8 Inch

Flue Options
Top Only

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 15.0kW
Maximum Output – 25.0kW

European Efficiency

Painted Steel Structure,
Cast Iron Firebox lined with Vermiculite,
Glass Door

Matte Black



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