The La Nordica Isotta Forno Evo wood burning stove combines a traditional design with high thermic yield cast iron construction. A Post Combustion System used in the stove leads to reduced emissions. This model also has the added benefit of a 39 L enameled oven allowing for cooking to be completed whilst the stove is in operation.



Nominal Power Output


Heatable Area


Hourly Consumption


39 litre panoramic enamelled oven with lava stone interior

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Side Loading Door

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Ceramic Glass resistant up to 750° C

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Cast Iron Construction

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Hearth in cast iron with post combustion system

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  • Nominal output: 9.7kW (EUROPEAN)*
  • Stove made completely of Enamelled cast-iron
  • Front and side loading door
  • Very high thermic yield cast-iron
  • 39 litre enamelled oven with lava stone interior
  • Hearth in cast iron with post combustion system
  • Ceramic glass heat resistant up to 750° C
  • Chromed oven rack
  • Efficiency: 87.7% (EUROPEAN)*
  • Wood consumption: 2.6kg/hr @ medium burn rate


A System to preheated air which removes any deposits from forming on the hearth door glass.


The combustion system developed by La Nordica allows, due to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post combustion which significantly reduces emissions.


La Nordica-Extraflame appliances doors are manufactured in high quality cast iron.

Overall Dimensions
Width – 795mm
Height – 1244mm
Depth – 530mm
Weight – 300kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 519mm
Height – 305mm

Firebox Internal Dimensions
Width – 546mm
Height – 360mm
Depth – 290mm

Oven Internal Dimensions
Width – 443mm
Height – 290mm
Depth – 305mm

Flue Diameter

Centre of Flue to Rear of Fire

Flue Options
Top Only

Combustible Rear Wall
Side Clearance – 500mm
Rear Clearance – 200mm
Front Clearance – 1500mm

Front Hearth – 500mm
Min. Hearth Width – 946mm

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 9.7kW

European Efficiency

Cast Iron Body, Glass Door




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