The La Nordica Alaska Wood Burning Cooker has a huge portrait window which introduces an ambience to your kitchen with visions of traditional cooking whilst raising the temperature to bring optimum comfort to your home. A remarkably beautiful cast iron range cooker with an easily inspectable and replaceable Nordiker combustion chamber, the La Nordica Alaska has removable hob rings, a large storage drawer and features a generous 78L enamelled oven with an anti-steam valve and removable rails.


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Nominal Power Output


Heatable Area


Hourly Consumption


Large 78L Oven

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Firebox lined with Nordiker Tiles

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Enamelled Cast Iron Structure

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Pull-out drawer for wood or storage

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  • Nominal output: 12.0kW (EUROPEAN)*
  • Hearth in cast-iron and Nordiker
  • Thick enamelled cast iron structure
  • Handrail and end caps | Black chrome
  • Easily inspectable and replaceable Nordiker combustion chamber
  • Removable ash drawer and pull-out drawer for wood (or objects) 
  • Height-adjustable cast-iron grate and Adjustable primary and secondary air, pre-calibrated tertiary 
  • Large cooking plate (100 cm) for simultaneous cooking of several foods
  • Large (78 l) enamelled oven with anti-steam valve and removable rails
  • Efficiency: 88.6% (EUROPEAN)*
  • Wood consumption: 3.2kg/hr @ medium burn rate


Air intake system that takes combustion fresh air from the outside leading it directly into the appliance.


A System to preheated air which removes any deposits from forming on the hearth door glass.


The combustion system developed by La Nordica allows, due to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post combustion which significantly reduces emissions.


La Nordica-Extraflame appliances doors are manufactured in high quality cast iron.


La Nordica uses a special patented highly resistant material allowing very high combustion temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Overall Dimensions
Width – 1307mm
Height – 860mm
Depth – 705mm
Weight – 350kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 405mm
Height – 278mm

Firebox Internal Dimensions
Width – 400mm
Height – 340mm
Depth – 460mm

Oven Internal Dimensions
Width – 434mm
Height – 418mm
Depth – 430mm

Flue Diameter

Centre of Flue to Rear of Fire

Flue Options
Top Only

Combustible Materials
Side Clearance – 500mm
Rear Clearance – 200mm
Front Clearance – 1500mm

Front Hearth – 600mm
Min. Hearth Width – 1600mm

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 12.0kW

European Efficiency

Cast Iron Firebox lined with Nordica Tiles,
Glass Door

Matte Black



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