The La Nordica Inserto 80 Wide is a beautifully designed insert fireplace to bring a sense of style and convenient heat to your home with an efficiency rating of 61%. The Nordiker Firebox is practical, silent, ecological and it enables heating wide areas in very short amounts of time. The Inserto 80 Wide has a nominal power output of 8.9kW and a peak output of 13.0kW that meets the latest “benchmark” German certification standards as well as Australian standards.


Nominal Power Output


Heatable Area


Hourly Consumption


Large Glass Viewing Window

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Firebox lined with Nordiker Tiles

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Cast Iron Firebox and Door

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Adjustable Primary and Secondary Air

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  • Nominal Output: 8.9kW
  • Peak Output: 13.0kW
  • Extractable ash drawer
  • Cast Iron Grid and Door G20
  • Nordiker Firebox
  • Reversible door opening
  • Optional ventilation with Kit Wind Air
  • Low-floor fire plain for great flame vision
  • Adjustable primary and secondary air
  • Post combustion system
  • Particle emissions: 1.1g/kg
  • Australian Efficiency: 61% (AS/NZS4012/4013)
  • European Efficiency: 83.9%*
  • Wood consumption: 2kg/hr @ medium burn rate


Air intake system that takes combustion fresh air from the outside leading it directly into the appliance.


A System to preheated air which removes any deposits from forming on the hearth door glass.


The combustion system developed by La Nordica allows, due to a secondary/tertiary air system, a post combustion which significantly reduces emissions.


La Nordica-Extraflame appliances doors are manufactured in high quality cast iron.


La Nordica uses a special patented highly resistant material allowing very high combustion temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Overall Dimensions
Width – 800mm
Height – 561mm
Depth – 509mm
Weight – 147kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 626mm
Height – 278mm

Firebox Internal Dimensions
Width – 652mm
Height – 327mm
Depth – 350mm

Flue Diameter

Centre of Flue to Rear of Fire

Flue Options
Top Only

Combustible Materials
Side Clearance – 300mm
Top Clearance – 1000mm

Front Hearth – 720mm
Min. Hearth Width – 1105mm

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 8.9kW
Average Peak Output – 13.0kW

Australian Efficiency

European Efficiency

Cast Iron Firebox lined with Nordica Tiles,
Glass Door

Matte Black



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