Cast iron formed in its maximum expression, taking a linear and minimalist form. Its essnetial and classic style gives the kitchen a strong and unique personality.


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Nominal Power Output


Heatable Area


Hourly Consumption


Tools Compartment

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Large 43 litre oven with soap stone base

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Food Warmer

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Large Glass Viewing Window

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Cast Iron Top, Firebox and Doors

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Adjustable Primary and Secondary and Tertiary Air Controls

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  • Nominal output: 12.1kW (EUROPEAN)*
  • Smoothed cast iron cooking plate
  • Cast iron frame
  • Secondary air modulation devices
  • Cast iron firebox door

  • Primary air modulation devices
  • Tools compartment
  • Efficiency: Up to 86.7% (EUROPEAN)*
  • Wood consumption: 3.3kg/hr @ medium burn rate


The strict manufacturing standards and the high quality of raw materials, grant higher heat accumulation and stable durability of the fire box and other components.

Easy Cleaning

The wide ash pan and the obvious inspection points make maintenance easier keeping the efficiency of the firebox at its highest levels.


Smoke by-pass technology reduces smoke entering the room when loading wood by redirecting exhaust to the rear of the fireplace.

Enamelled Oven

Enamelled oven complete with grill and dripping pan

Made in Italy

Thermorossi utilises the most modern techniques of production and manufacturing of all its products to conform to the strictest European regulations.

Overall Dimensions
Width – 910mm
Height – 913mm
Depth – 678mm
Weight – 203kg

Firebox Opening
Width – 284mm
Height – 273mm

Firebox Internal Dimensions
Width – 305mm
Height – 364mm
Depth – 482mm

Oven Internal Dimensions
Width – 323mm
Height – 307mm
Depth – 436mm

Flue Diameter
5 inches

Centre of Flue to Rear of Fire

Flue Options
Top or Rear

Combustible Rear Wall
Side Clearance – 300mm
Rear Clearance – 300mm
Front Clearance – 800mm

Front Hearth – 500mm
Min. Hearth Width – 790mm

Heat Output
Nominal Output – 12.1kW

European Efficiency

Enamelled Black Steel Body, Glass Door




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